Accueil Non classé It seems like all you hear are people making fun of Bieber or making fun of people with Bieber hair.

It seems like all you hear are people making fun of Bieber or making fun of people with Bieber hair.

It seems like all you hear are people making fun of Bieber or making fun of people with Bieber hair. incredibles
The boys his age say he’s gay, adults say he’s a talentless hack. They say he’s just another prefabricated bubble gum pop star, but I’m not sure these accusations are fair. One thing that’s definitely not true is that he’s talentless, he actually does have vocal talent and surprisingly to some; he really does play his own instruments.
Most people don’t know that he’s self taught on piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet. Justin Bieber certainly isn’t your typical prefabricated pop star.First let’s look at the definition of « prefabricated ».Definition of PREFABRICATE1: To make up, construct, or develop in an artificial, unoriginal, or stereotypic manner.- pre·fab·ri·ca·tion nounPeople just assume that Justin Bieber is another in a long line of Disney kids created and molded to put out there for fans consumption. We all know the story of Britney Spears being designed by her handlers behind the scenes and thrown into the limelight to be a star, it’s happened over and over in the last 50 years.

The Monkees, David Cassidy, The Osmonds, etc were all prefab pop stars. But that’s not the case here. Justin Bieber was just a regular kid who, on a whim decided to enter a local singing contest called Stratford Idol when he was 12 years old. All the other kids in the contest had taken singing lessons, had vocal coaches with them and tons of experience, but Justin had never sang anywhere but his own bedroom.
Up to this point he’d always kept his singing aspirations to himself. He took second place in the contest singing « So Sick » by NeYo.After his surprising finish in the competition his mother decided to post the video on YouTube. At first it was just intended for friends and family to see him perform, but people liked it, they friended and followed him on YouTube and before long he had created dozens of videos, putting his own spin on his favorite artists like Usher, Ne-Yo, Stevie Wonder, etc.

He even had several videos featuring himself playing his own instruments. pornhub video downloader doesn’t sound like a talentless hack to me…Before long he had racked up over 10 million views and countless YouTube Followers. 7 months after he started posting his videos, a talent manager named Scooter Bruan happened upon his YouTube channel.
He liked what he saw and tracked Bieber down. Braun rushed him to Atlanta to record some demo tapes. A week later he sang for Usher, all it took was one song for Usher to realize Justin was a future superstar, and he flew the young singer back to Atlanta.

While there, Bieber also met with Justin Timberlake, who wanted to sign him as well. It turned out Usher’s deal was better and, in October 2008, he officially signed to Island Records, the rest as they say… is history.So, let’s see, a kid who learned to sing and taught himself how to play instruments gets discovered by a talent scout and signed to a record deal?

This sounds a lot more like the The Jackson 5 story than the Britney Spears story. This is the all American grass roots story of a talent being discovered, not a tale of prefabrication from agents and handlers like so many other stars today…Like I said, Justin Bieber gets an undeserved bad rap.

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